Paint by Numbers

To all who likes Paint by Number puzzles! Here is the program to solve paint by numbers puzzles without wasting tons of paper! 27.07.99. My puzzle game "Japan Puzzle" will take a part in the puzzles tournament! If you have your own puzzle games realization you may take a part in this tournament too!

You can take it here
Paint by Numbers v 1.6 (~385 Kb)
08.03.99 - 199 puzzles by Helen Zelinsky, Roman Gantverg and other unknown authors.

If you don't know how to solve this puzzles...
To solve a puzzle you must find what is hiding behind the numbers at the rows and the columns. Puzzle can hold the picture of an animal, some object or a man.
To solve the Japanese puzzles you must remember these fundamentals: It is very important to paint fields that would be always empty as those that would be always filled!
Here is example (see schemes a-f). There are few basic steps that necessary to solve the puzzle:
a). let's assume the set of the following conditions;

b). if group with "9" would begin from the left edge in line 7 it will reach the cell marked "X";
c). if group with "9" would begin from the right edge it will reach the cell marked "Z";
d). it is logically that all squares between cells marked "X" and "Z" will be filled. Let's do the same with lines with numbers "9" and "10".
e). according to logic that described above let's worked out columns with numbers "3", "6", "7" and etc. While solving you must not forget to mark the cells that would never be filled.
f). it's easy to complete solution being bottomed on simple logic.

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